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F! GOSPEL: “Ele O” - Adewa King (@AdewaKing) | @FoshoENT_Radio

Adewa King is a sensational Worshipper whose unique but simple worship style has impacted many. He believes in unleashing God’s Presence in worship.

Therefore, Ele O is a song borne out of a deep encounter with the Almightiness of God. Ele is an exclamation prompted by an encounter with God’s presence.

This encounter is bound to be replicated in your life and circumstances. God’s presence is responsible for God’s power. Encounter the power of the Gospel through this song.

Ele O is what you scream when you encounter the freshness of God’s presence!

F! GOSPEL: “Ele O” - Adewa King (@AdewaKing) | @FoshoENT_Radio F! GOSPEL: “Ele O” - Adewa King (@AdewaKing) | @FoshoENT_Radio Reviewed by BOSSDON (HNIC) on 11:03:00 am Rating: 5

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