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F! AUDIO + VIDEO: Rotimo - Surrenda (@RotimoOfficial) | @FoshoENT_Radio

Rotimo is a Nigerian singer/songwriter. Born into a musical family with his mother paving the way as
a singer herself, he has always naturally gravitated towards music.

His new single Surrenda is a joyful number which expresses his intention to completely give his love
to one woman, spoil her and show her the entire world. It is a mix of African sounds and lyrics fused
with smooth R&B vocals.

Not one to shy away from different styles of music, he has experimented and continues to experiment with various genres of music including Afrobeats, Funk, Soul, and RnB. He has been steadily rising to prominence over the last couple of years with his singles charting and spinning on independent/National Nigerian radio and TV stations as well as in the UK. With a very unique sense
of style, great vocals, sweet melodies and artistic visuals, Rotimo is continuing establish himself globally.

For enquiries, contact:

Ogika Amenechi
+234 812 317 1137

F! AUDIO + VIDEO: Rotimo - Surrenda (@RotimoOfficial) | @FoshoENT_Radio F! AUDIO + VIDEO: Rotimo - Surrenda (@RotimoOfficial) | @FoshoENT_Radio Reviewed by BOSSDON (HNIC) on 9:07:00 pm Rating: 5

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