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F! GIST: My London Slave set to hit the cinemas nationwide | @FoshoENT_Radio

‘MY London Slave’, the new movie by Cordilia Emeh’s Precord Productions is ready for worldwide release on September 6. Directed by Toyin Moore, who also wrote the screenplay, the movie which is set in London and America is centred round Adaeze, a beautiful lady from an average African family who though qualified as a medical doctor in the UK but has no right to remain. Adaeze is friend to Tolu, her best friend from childhood who is from a wealthy family.

They both travelled to the UK for their studies and are inseparable. Somewhere in the story, Tolu introduces Adaeze to her brother Raymond who later depended on Adaeze to maintain his lavish lifestyle. Adaeze also found out later that all that glitters is not gold as Raymond subjected her to paying all the bills aNd mortgage including being physically and sexually abused. Laced with enough dose of twist and turns, the movie stars some notable Nollywood and UK- based actors including Daniel Lloyd, Rachel Oniga, Jide Kosoko, Uche Odoputa, Cordelia Emeh, Toyin Moore, Dapo Olayinka and Nicki Moore. Others are Charles Lawson, Lucien Morgan, Gbemi Kehinde, Lucy Edako and Grace Echetta. Producer of the movie Cordelia Emeh explained that the movie was produced to address the now almost endemic situation of wife slaves from Africa.

“We made the movie to show the realties and deception of the abroad dream. You know, the wife slaves from Africa, married to men based in the western countries with the ‘I live abroad’ dream’’ she said adding that men will be challenged to do better, while the women will be challenged to have self worth and better self-esteem. ‘’We are glad that we have been able to make a film, a drama infused with a bit of comedy to help create an all-round entertainment for movie-goers while at the same time driving home the message’’ she enthused.

My London Slave is proudly promoted by LK MEDIA


F! GIST: My London Slave set to hit the cinemas nationwide | @FoshoENT_Radio F! GIST: My London Slave set to hit the cinemas nationwide  | @FoshoENT_Radio Reviewed by Sensational DJ LEKS on 7:38:00 pm Rating: 5

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