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F! GISTS: #BBNaija Day 75: Post Wager Loss Banter | @FoshoENT_Radio

After every Wager Task comes different reactions from the Pepper Dem Gang. Of course, members of team Legends felt elated about their win and they would not stop talking about it. But for team Enigma, they felt the heat of losing so much and we could tell from their reactions.

On Relatability And Other Gist
When the Housemates returned into the House, Mercy was so pissed with their loss that she went straight to bed. Even Seyi regretted their lack of preparedness for the Task when he told Omashola they only rehearsed once. As a sharp Warri guy, Omashola quickly chipped in the secret behind their win. They were able to put up an act that people can easily relate it, he said. He also talked about Mercy’s competitive spirit, making reference to the moment he gave them a zero in the Jingle Task. In short, “If na she I put up for Eviction, she for don poison me,” he said. Of course, he meant to emphasise how very competitive Mercy can be.

On Food And Culture
In the Garden, Frodd, Khafi, Mike and Cindy had a gist about food and culture. Mike said he was open to test new waters in any area of life. He said unlike Frodd who would lock up when asked about a matter, he was openminded and willing to learn. Frodd hit back saying that he (Mike) acts here in Nigeria as if that’s how he behaves back in London. Both went on to tease each other about the House rules with regard to food. He said Mike’s nutritional value is peanut butter while his is ogbono food.

In The Pursuit Of Happiness
In the Lounge, Ike, Frodd and Tacha had a conversation about the pursuit of happiness. We saw Ike rant on about the need for him to look inward AND we felt he was only expressing his opinion on the training they had from their guest earlier yesterday. But on second thought, we realise he was referring to Mercy. “The minute you fall down, nobody is there to pick you up, you pick yourself up,” he said. In the end, after seeing how upset the resident gangster was, Tacha had to ask him to go have the talk with her boo. It was a success, as we could see Mercy peck him on the cheek after their talk.

Interesting banter like this is not hard to find in the Pepper Dem House. Whether the trigger was a loss of a Task or the Saturday Night booze, the Housemates always serve it hot.
F! GISTS: #BBNaija Day 75: Post Wager Loss Banter | @FoshoENT_Radio F! GISTS: #BBNaija Day 75: Post Wager Loss Banter  | @FoshoENT_Radio Reviewed by Sensational DJ LEKS on 3:41:00 pm Rating: 5

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