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F! GOSPEL: Kezy Worship – Iko (Authority) | @FoshoENT_Radio

Iko is more of a prayer song With the look at how things have turn to be in this Era, how sickness, affliction, addiction, desease and causes have devastate the believer.

Iko (Authority) is not just a song but a prayer to God to come intervain in every situation we fine our self, Mark6:7 Remind us that he has given us Authority over the unclean spirit. he has given to us the world to dominate,but we as believers have plumb out of the lines, we have wax cold.

So I call on you my brethren that in every situation just remember Christ have the Authority to it , just call on him and he’ll answer, he let the possible for men and he handle the impossible..

Hit The link below, Download & Enjoy;


F! GOSPEL: Kezy Worship – Iko (Authority) | @FoshoENT_Radio F! GOSPEL: Kezy Worship – Iko (Authority) | @FoshoENT_Radio Reviewed by BOSSDON (HNIC) on 11:42:00 am Rating: 5

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