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Prolific artiste Mick Emma-Ehi Michael with the stage name  Meak Ace  Drops the highly anticipated “Beremole”. The song as soon as it dropped raise  discussions on Social Media. With artistic craftsmanship to the tune and soft Afro like upbeat, the song is armed for one purpose, ‘ Make you feel good’ .  According to Meak Ace in an Interview, “The song is about staying happy , motivated and trying to enjoy life in your own little way no matter the situation you find yourself in”. Sincerely, the song is worth every hype as it represents a happy song even for dull moments.

Meak Ace also shares his inspiration with us, and you will find this really interesting, “I love observing, so I draw my inspiration from the different forms of expression of every human feeling I feel or see around me through other people be it past or present .” Those were his exact words. I know you will love to know about this practical born singer that draws his inspiration from observing others.

Meak Ace is a poet , Media Sports analyst and artisan who hails from the southern part of Nigeria. Particularly Edo state. He grew up with a strong musical background As both of his parents are well schooled in the art of making music. Let’s just say it runs in the blood. He started writing rhymes from a very tender age.
He is awesomely blessed with an in depth knowledge of music and arts that is why he is able to fusion Afro with pop to give us an original master piece “Beremole” .

He is also a very good song writer, sound engineer, Model and actor .

He regards his style of music as a clash of genres which involves a mixture of reggaeton, Afrobeat and hip hop, not limited to only those, he also has his hand on a lot pies when it comes to various genres. In all, Meak Ace is an all rounder in the music scene and “Beremole” is just the tip of an iceberg.

In his Interview, he has this to say to his fans.  “My fans should expect soul soothing sounds and  artworks that contains deep expressional feelings that they  can connect to in various ways. All I ask is for them to view the world through my eyes and ofcourse expect lots of more content and music that would heal them like painkillers and delight them like honey”

This is an artist worth listening to.
Hook up with Mick Ace on his social media handles
IG – Meakacey
Twitter – @melightnin
Tik Tok – meakace
Snapchat – melightnin
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